What are the benefits of starting an apprenticeship?

Today, there are a variety of paths that one can follow when they want to establish a career for themselves. One of the best paths to follow is starting an apprenticeship. Although most people associate apprenticeships with trades such as carpentry and cosmetology, they are also available across other fields. Starting an apprenticeship is a great way for you to move into your desired career without having to go to college.


The benefits of starting an apprenticeship

Starting an apprenticeship usually comes with many benefits although not everyone thinks that it is the best path for following one’s career. The following are some of the benefits of starting an apprenticeship that you should know especially if you want to decide on whether you should use this path to follow your career or not.

  • It gives you a chance to earn as you learn

In most cases when you are a student, you may not get the chance of earning as you earn.  Starting an apprenticeship is the right way to go if you want to earn and at the same time learn.  This is because apprenticeship allows you to get training while you are earning and therefore you can be able to provide yourself with the essentials you require.

  • It provides you with recognised qualifications

Apprenticeships usually have different levels and each of them lasts for a year.  When an apprentice completes each level, they get a qualification that they can show their potential employers in the future. Each of these qualifications is recognised making apprenticeship a better path for your career.

  • It makes one gain respect and become independent

As you work in a company or institution as an apprentice, you learn how to be responsible for your actions. Also, you get to learn how you should behave in a working environment and how you can be independent in the tasks you are given. By doing this, you will be earning yourself independence and respect from your employer and co-workers.

  • Apprentices gain real work experience

Working in a certain environment as you learn is different from being in a university or college. Starting an apprenticeship gives you the chance to be around people that can guide you as you learn. This means that you get to experience real-life experience as you work and learn every day as an apprentice.

  • It improves one’s employability

Starting an apprenticeship not only helps you to learn and experience your field of experience but also makes one more employable in  other or existing companies.  This is because every employer  knows that apprentices are usually dedicated since they always dedicate themselves to learning and a full-time job, which is not easy. With such qualities, one becomes more employable.

  • It help one develop skills

Starting apprenticeship helps you learn from the best in the companies or institutions you’re working in. For this reason, you gain skills from experts during your apprenticeship. Therefore, you can have the skills that are required to pursue the career that you have chosen for yourself.


If you wanted to find out whether starting an apprenticeship with Busy at Work can be helpful in any way, you now know the benefits that it comes with. Therefore, it is time for you to start and apply for an apprenticeship and enjoy the above benefits.