Dealing with Business Valuations in Sydney

business valuations SydneyI know my life might seem easy, but it is actually quite difficult.  Can you imagine trying to always stay on top of trends, while still being a loving and doting to your husband? You probably haven’t, because it’s a lot to think about.

My husband has several businesses that he owns, and they are all pretty successful.  “How successful?” you ask?  I couldn’t really tell you.  We’ve always had an understanding. I make sure that we’re on top of fashions and keep up appearances and he gives me the money I need to make sure we’re always in the know.

Since we are pretty important to our area we go to a lot of events, dinners, and charity fundraisers. I prefer to have dinners in our house because then I get to control what I’m eating, and I know where it comes from.  When we got out to dinner, I don’t know the quality of the ingredients that they’re serving us.

Recently, my husband requested a business valuation in Sydney from Valuator. It was valued for twice the amount my husband thought it would be.  We’re all very pleased with his success. His continued success means that we get to continue to live comfortably at the level we’re use to.

My husband decided since it was valued pretty well, he would sell it and start a couple of more companies with the profit.  He put the company on the market last week and he’s had several offers. I don’t usually concern myself with his business, but he seemed particularly excited about this valuation so I tried to pay more attention.

This week we’ve been out with potential buyers almost every night.  It is exhausting to try and make small talk with these men’s wives. It’s not that they’re bad people, we just seem to have different values.

In fact, I have met a few that I considered being friends with, but they all disappointed me one way or another.  Usually, it’s their choices of shoes and handbags.  I wish I could meet someone I could relate to.

At one of these business dinners the other couple brought their kids! Can you believe it? Bringing your kids to a business dinner is very unprofessional. We couldn’t even go anywhere fancy because we had to think about what the kids would eat. I never bring my kids to these business meetings.

Anyway, he tells me that he’s narrowed the potential buyers down to two.  It doesn’t really matter to me, I’m sure he’ll make the right choice, he always does.

Whenever he lands a great deal or sells a business he always lets me buy something new and expensive.  I think I’m going to pick out a car this time. I don’t really need a new one, but I want one, and that’s all that really matters. My car is almost two years old and it is a source of constant embarrassment for me.