Only the Best Christmas Trees Will Do

Christmas trees SydneyChristmas time is just around the corner, and I’m so excited. I love Christmas. I love receiving presents, I love the elegant Christmas dinner I prepare with my Smeg products and most of all, I love decorating for Christmas.

There is something special about a perfectly decorated house. I love decorating so much that I only let my house staff do the outside lights.  I can’t trust them to do the interior the way I like it.   Good help is so hard to find.

We usually get four Christmas trees during Christmas time. One for the foyer, one for the drawing room, one for the formal dining room and one for family room. With a house this size it is crucial that we have at least four trees, it allows us to experience Christmas in the main rooms of the house.

I decorate the tree in the foyer  with crystal ornaments and white lights. This is the tree that I feel makes the biggest impact on people since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door. It is also the last tree people see as they leave.  I want people to enter our home and experience a sense of pure elegance. I use white lights on all of my trees, I like to display the ornaments against the white lights.

The tree for the sitting room will be decorated in a burgundy and gold theme. I like to put a huge burgundy bow at the top of the tree and let the ribbon help decorate the rest of the tree.  I love the way the bow cascades down the tree.

The third Christmas tree goes into the formal dining room, I decorate this one in blue and silver to compliment my china and silver set. This is probably my favorite tree in the house.  I love the combination of blue and silver.  Blue and silver was also the theme colors of my wedding, so it’s nice to be reminded of that day.

The last tree I put into our family room.  I let the kids decorate this one.  It’s usually filled with homemade ornaments that they make with their nanny.  This is the tree we use for the kids’ presents. It’s nice that the family room isn’t a place that company goes, that way it doesn’t matter what this tree looks like.

I purchase all of my trees from Christmas Tree Man they sell Christmas trees in Sydney.  They pick out the trees and deliver them right to my door.  They even come in and set them up for me, and take them away when Christmas is over.  They also bring their own stands.

My house staff really appreciates the service because it cuts down on the amount of work they have to do after Christmas. I may not let them decorate, but I sure do let them put it away.

I can’t wait to start decorating my house.  The trees are going to be beautiful. I’ve commissioned someone to create a handcrafted one of a kind wreath for my door. It’s going to be beautiful. Of course the wreath will be made of real evergreens.  I just can’t stand any of that artificial stuff.