Buying a Complete Smeg Kitchen

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Today I got some wonderful news! Now, I’m certainly not the kind of person to ever get excited about business or any of that boring stuff, unless it’s making us tons of money that I can use to buy a perfect lifestyle for my husband and me.

But this news is absolutely an exception! My husband pays attention to me because I work so hard keeping us at the top of fashion, so he’s surely heard me say how luxury collections and Smeg designs are simply to die for. So today he told me that he’s buying a trendy cafe and restaurant business, and the place is furnished top to bottom with the latest and best Smeg kitchen appliances!

I immediately demanded that he take me to see the place, an Italian-style espresso bar and cafe in an upscale area of town. Personally I thought the place was horribly lacking in style. I mean, if you want to cater to the upper crust, you have to at least try to look upper crust yourself! But then my husband took me into the kitchen and I absolutely gloated with delight.

Smeg as far as the eye could see, in just the most stylish colors! My husband said that there was so much of it, he even demanded that the owners get a machinery valuation done locally before he would even consider buying the place. He’s always been the money smarts in this marriage, because I’m too busy being the fashion smarts!

I can imagine my girlfriends telling me how sad it is that a lovely little family owned cafe had to sell like that. But they don’t understand that someone who works as hard as I do to always have the best (like me) simply cannot spare useless sympathy and thought for the little hardships of others.

I’m overjoyed that they had to sell at a loss because now I am the proud owner of the trendiest top lines of Smeg kitchen appliances! That’s right, I don’t think we will even reopen the place. I’m focused on getting as much of that beautiful kitchen into my house as possible!

And of course, the great deals we got on those Smeg pieces just means more money I can use for keeping us in style every season. Right now I’m already thinking of the most elaborate winter formal ball, right here in our luxurious home. I’ll invite all the neighbors and show them how much better we are than them. Go ahead and call me shallow, I’ll agree with a gracious laugh! Having anything less than the best is surely something to be bitter about.