Do you have to change the appliances? Here’s how to choose the new ones

The bonus provided for the purchase of large appliances, linked to building renovations, will also be available next year. In the financial maneuver drafted by the Government, the one-year extension of the benefit was introduced in extremis, therefore extended to the whole of 2018 (except snipers, during the vote in Parliament). But what are the required requirements and how to apply? And what is there to know and evaluate if you decide to change your washing machine or kitchen hob?

Here are the applicable tax deductions
The rules to be followed in 2018 should be the same as for this year. The personal income tax deduction for large household appliances, and also for furniture and furnishings, is equal to 50 percent of the expense. To get the bonus, the purchase must be made on the occasion of a building renovation or extraordinary interventions, both on individual residential real estate units and on common parts of buildings for residential use. “The deduction – specifies the Revenue Agency – is also due when the purchased goods are intended to furnish a different environment of the same building subject to building intervention”. On the other hand, the concession is not granted for simple works in the individual apartments, for example painting walls and ceilings, laying new floors, refurbishing interior plasters.

What are the subsidized appliances
The large household appliances category – the source is always the Revenue Agency – includes: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, hobs, electric stoves, traditional and microwave ovens, hot plates, electric heaters, radiators, fans and away listing. The individual pieces, to be able to make the deduction, must have an energy class not lower than A +, for ovens we start from A.

Maximum limit of deductible expenditure: 10 thousand euros
The 50 per cent deduction must be calculated on a maximum amount of 10 thousand euros, referring, overall, to the disbursement for new furniture and large appliances. Among the scalable expenses you can include those for transport and assembly. The “discount” will be divided and spread over ten installments and ten years, with shares of the same amount. The limit of 10 thousand euros concerns the single real estate unit. The taxpayer who carries out renovations in two or more accommodations is entitled to two or more deductions.