Designing the Perfect “Man Cave” for My Perfect Man

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I bet you’ve wondered, “What exactly does a fashionable, doting wife do with her day?” Let me tell you, it isn’t easy like you might think! My life’s work is to make sure everything in the house is perfect and ready for my amazing husband to enjoy when he comes home each day, and I love it.

He works hard making lots of money to keep us in a comfortable life of luxury, and I work hard to make sure everything we own is the best, most importantly that we have better stuff than anyone we know. I’m sure you can imagine how tricky it can be, staying on top of the latest home design trends and keeping us the envy of all our friends! I make sure that my husband gets only the newest and best accommodations, because anything less than the best might as well go in the trash.

The den in our house is just so 2011 – it doesn’t even have the newest and biggest TV on the market, and the furniture is so outdated, it really belongs at a homeless shelter. I just have to get rid of this awful eyesore, so I’m working my little fingers off to design the perfect den for my perfect man!

I’ve already ordered the latest model television in the biggest size they make it, and I spent an hour on the phone with a service rep to make sure it was the very best that my money can buy. Gorgeous antique mahogany furniture, genuine leather upholstery, automated lighting, all the latest little tech toys and gadgets, and of course a beautiful Smeg refrigerator – no room in my house is complete without a Smeg appliance!

And my darling personal assistant even showed me which VPN is best to use with Netflix on this site, so when his friends come over to hang out, they’ll have something to watch (but of course I’ll take the credit for that, who will know?). I think my husband’s friends are all secretly jealous of him. He has a beautiful house full of the trendiest and best that money can buy, a luxurious life, and a perfect wife.

Now, of course I won’t be assembling the room myself, obviously the help will do that. But I’m doing all the hard work, after all: Making sure everything is the best, newest, and absolutely most fashionable goods that the world has to offer. Because if it’s not the best I can get, it’s not worth my time. It’s not easy keeping everything at the peak of luxury, but I’m proud to say I’m the best at it!

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