The Price of Smeg

family breakfastSome people wonder is Smeg is really worth the price.  And to that I have to say, “Yes, yes, yes!” There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of using your first Smeg product. The only thing comparable was the birth of my children and I would say that it was a close tie.

My whole life I have felt that using luxurious products is always worth the extra few dollars (or hundreds of dollars).  High end products mean quality.  I am a luxurious person.

I sleep in every day while the children’s nanny takes the kids to school.  Sometimes I wake up before the maid is done cleaning my house, and that will just not do.  I like a clean house, but I don’t want to see how it gets clean.

My “friend” called me the other day, and of course our conversation turned to appliances.  That’s how most of my conversations go.  Appliances are my passion and Smeg is my muse.

Anyway, she was redoing her kitchen and she asked me if Smeg is really worth the price.  What? How could someone even ask me a question like that?

She didn’t agree with me and we had a little debate. She said she was thinking about going with Fisher & Paykel to support Australian businesses or some nonsense like that.

Really, it’s her choice if she doesn’t want a luxury item, but I hope she doesn’t expect me to come to any of her dinner parties.  Fisher & Paykel is so pedestrian.

I do have one friend who understands that spending the money for Italian elegance is worth it.  She doesn’t have as many Smeg products as I do, but I still like her.

The truth is, Smeg products are worth any amount of money.  Poor people should save their money and not buy cheap appliance.  Luxury is something everyone should work towards.

Cooking with Smeg

food 2We like to have dinner parties about once a fortnight. I love everything about hosting these parties.  I like to make each dinner themed and decorate the main dining room in the theme of the night.  The last couple of parties I held were called “The Flavours of the Mediterranean.”

Each dinner featured a different cuisine found on the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, the Italian party felt the most natural since I was able to use my Smeg appliances.

Recently, I was shopping for more Smeg appliances and noticed they had a whole area dedicated to different types of foods you can make with their elite products.  This was a huge inspiration for me.  They have recipes for happy hour, starters, side dishes, main courses, pasta dishes, and even desserts.

I’ve decided that my next couple of parties is going to be themed around these dishes.  I feel that these recipes will allow me to showcase the versatility of my amazing Smeg products.  My only problem is the decorations.

Obviously I will need a certain amount of elegance when styling my home for these dinner parties.  I might even buy a toaster for each of my guests so they can have a little bit of luxury every morning.  I think that’s the best way to start your day, in luxury.

For the first party I think that I’ll start with the Smeg roasted pumpkin soup.  I will then follow that with the pumpkin tortellini. For the main course I’m going to create an amazing roasted veal with mushrooms and potatoes.  For dessert I’ll serve the nutty apple crumble tart.

I think that this menu will allow me to demonstrate the versatility of my Smeg product line.  I’m really looking forward to showing people how absolutely amazing Smeg is, and hopefully I can convince some people to switch over to Smeg.

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