Air conditioning maintenance tips

If you regularly maintain and upkeep your air conditioner, it can go a long way. However, before scheduling a maintenance visit there are certain things which you can do to improve the efficiency of your cooling unit. The following is a list of tasks which the experts at air con Toowoomba suggest for AC maintenance.

Air conditioning maintenance tips from the experts at Aircon Toowoomba

One of the most important maintenance tasks is to routinely replace or clean the filters of your air conditioner. If you have an air conditioner which comprises of pleated filters you might need to replace these every month. On the other hand if you are not sure about what kind of filter you are supposed to use you might want to talk to your dealer so they can recommend you with the specific system. There are a variety of filter types and sizes which are available in the market and you can either proceed to clean or replace them at every maintenance visit. It should be kept in mind that filters require a great deal of attention especially if you are using your air conditioner on a daily basis. Also if you live in an area which is prone to dust or you have pets in your home you may need to clean the filters repeatedly. Make sure that you have a detailed talk with HVAC maintenance service to get an idea of how you should be cleaning your filters.

Clean the coils of air conditioner

The evaporator and condenser coils can get dirty over a period of time. The debris which has built up can reduce the airflow and insulate the coil. As a result the coil is unable to absorb the heat of the home. Also the condenser coils on the outside can become dusty especially if there are trees growing nearby. In order to avoid these problems it is best that you call a air conditioning service to come and clean the coil when necessary.

Clear the debris from the unit

It is quite common for the leaves and grass to cause a build up around the outside of your cooling unit. All this can lead to a decrease in the capacity of cooling and also reduces the airflow. It is important to trim any other plants around the air conditioner so that there is no impediment to the airflow.

You may also need to straighten the coil fans time and again. This is especially true for the aluminum fans on the evaporator and the condenser coil because these can get bent easily and can block the air flowing through the coil. When you call an air conditioning service they would make sure that the check these pieces and straighten them if required.

Last but not the least make sure that you only use the air conditioning unit when you are around. This can also help reduce the electricity bills. If possible try investing in air conditioner which comes with a timer so that it can switch off automatically after you have set it for a certain period of time.


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