I don’t care what any of this new age, self help crap says: the products you own define who you are and how much your worth.

Yes, I see all those “Find your value within” and “Be content with who you are” sayings printed on nicely designed postcards with beautiful and peaceful images in the background but to be honest, they’re all a load of crap.

The car you drive, the house you live in, the label on the handbag you carry to the supermarkets. That’s what counts.

That’s what people see when you walk down the street. That’s what notice when you reach into your bag to pull out your wallet and buy lunch for your kids. That’s what people talk about when you’ve left their house in a car that’s worth more than their house.

They notice the things you own, they talk about the things you own, and the value you based on the things you own.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when people leave our house, the first thing they do is comment on how nice it is. I see them staring. I see their eyes wander with envy. I know they love our beautiful entrance way, our expensive granite tiles, and our polished, shiny, Smeg appliances.

My name is Weira and I’m proud to say I’m shallow. But at least shallow and happy.